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The slide deck below sets out why youth-led climate justice movements deserve more attention from funders. It tells the story of how young campaigners have helped to re-energise the wider climate movement, pushing government, corporate and financial sector actors towards more ambitious commitments. It describes the philanthropic funding available to youth-led organisations now, the barriers that these groups face in accessing funds, and the types of support that they find the most helpful.

The deck runs to over 100 slides and is not meant to be presented in full. Instead, we offer it as an open access resource to be drawn down, shuffled and customised by anyone with an interest in bringing more philanthropic support into youth-led movements. Whether you work as a youth-focused fundraiser, regranter – or perhaps someone who runs a youth initiative while trying to fundraise on the side – we invite you to use any slides that help strengthen your case for support.

No fees or copyright conditions are associated with use of these slides, but we ask that if you use the quantitative slides (Section 4 in the deck) you retain the data credits to the ClimateWorks Foundation and The Hour Is Late.